Historical background

Traffic links used to be at least as important as they are today. That is why our hotel was built on the connecting road from Dobbiaco to Cortina.

During the First World War, the “Dolomitenbahn” railway was built along the course of the road, a 65-kilometer narrow-gauge railway between Dobbiaco and Calalzo, which supported the soldiers on the Dolomite front with supplies. Dobbiaco was the strategically important interface of the “Dolomitenbahn” railway, running in north-south direction, and the “Pustertalbahn” railway, running in east-west direction. As with many other railways, the number of passengers on the “Dolomitenbahn” railway declined sharply with the advent of the automobile, therefore it was closed in 1962.

Today, much to our delight, there is a lot of coming and going along this route, because the Dobbiaco – Cortina section serves as a cross-country ski trail in winter. The two tunnels of this section are prepared with artificial snow. Since 1977, the Dobbiaco-Cortina cross-country skiing event has been carried out on the first weekend of February on this route.

Our hotel
In the early 1970s, the grandparents of the current owners bought the building and expanded it into a hotel. A lot of furniture, for example Biedermeier armchairs and an old safe, come from this time or from the previous owners, and give our hotel an atmosphere full of art and history.

In the mid-1970s it was expanded for the first time, from three to four floors, before Hermann and Elsa Glira took over the business in 1978. Constant modernizations created the basis for the successful hotel business.

The third generation, Caroline and her husband Florian, are now responsible for the hotel's success. Their first major project in 2018/2019: an extensive renovation. Now the facade shines in new splendor, two floors and further rooms have been built on the flat roof. A family business in the classic sense, which should also be the economic basis of future generations.